The 9 Ways To Quit

1. The Walk Out.
Not good for reference purposes, but you showed them.

2. Slowly Disappear
You're fed up and slowly stop showing up for shifts.

3. The 2 Week Notice
Stay on good terms with your employers, you can even ask for a reference letter.

4. The One or Three Month Notice
Best way to leave a job. Get a great reference.

4. The Phone Call
Hello, I quit, goodbye.

5. The Email
To whom it may concern, have a nice life, best regards, your name here.

6. The text
Yo I aint coming back, ttyl lol.

7. The Never Return
They might think you left country.

8. The One Year Notice
No one believes you and no one cares.

9. The Note On The Table
See ya, your name here.