Serious Problem Excuses

This section brings you a variety of selection of serious problems that you may use as excuses. You must play the role, be serious about it and you will get the day off.

1. I'm getting evicted so I have no option but to move out all my things today. I'm sorry I can't come in. It's a rough patch in my life, and I can't keep up with the rent/morgage payments. (If they ask about your situation in future circumstances, say that you figured it out with the landlord/bank and you moved all your things back in)

2. I can't find my keys, and I don't have any spares until my _______(family member) comes home with the only spare.

3. I lost my purse/wallet at ______(location) and I have to cancel and redo all my cards today. I can't come in.

4. One of my old friends overdosed from hard drugs/alcohal so I'm going to visit the family and attend the funeral.

5. I'm not coming into work today one of my close friends is having suicidle thoughts and I must stay with him/her.

6. I'm not coming into work today, my girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with me and I feel like commiting suicide so I'm going to check it out.

7. I was Walking out from ______(store/mall) I was jumped and robbed, I'm hurt and going to report this to the police today.

8. I was driving to work and I was dropping off my friend at his bus stop, and he/she fainted in the passenger street. He/she has a low pulse rate and is breathing slowly but is unconsious. I will be late or call back if I'm not coming in. (call back 30minutes-1hour later, saying you are stuck in emergency room with him/her)

9. I can't come into work today, my there is a family emergency at home and I can't leave.

10. I can't make it to work today, it's my last day to renew my license plates and =my driver's license so I can keep driving to work everyday.

11. I can't come into work today, I have a real urgent meeting with my therapist.

12. I can't come into work today, I have been randomly selected to be part of a jury in this serious court case. (Jury duty)

13. I won't be able to make it to work today, I have a very close friend's wedding that I can't miss.

14. I can't come into work today, I have court for an old traffic ticket I totally forgot about and I must attend.

15. I have really bad cramps, its never been this bad so I'm going to call my doctor. I can't walk from the pain. (female)

16. I won't be able to come into work, I have an wedding a few hours away and it is very important to me to show up.

17. I'm not coming into work today, I have signed up for a community service (volunteer program) to help the homeless and work in a homeless shelter.

18. I'm not coming into work today, I have a personal emergency.

19. I can't come into work today, there has been some domestic violence at home and I'm a witness, I must stay home and speak to the police.

20. I'm not coming into work today, I was driving to work when I ran out of gas, so I pushed my car the rest of the way to the gas station. When I was pushing my car I got a stomach hernia, now I'm on my way to the doctors.

21. I won't be coming into work today, I have serious burns from a coffee spill on my lap, I was rushed to the hospital.

22. I can't come into work today, my period is so heavy and I'm going through pads like crazy.

23. I can't come to work today, I was chased by a pack of wild dogs and I am waiting on a tree for someone to distract or move the wild dogs so I can get down.

24.I can't come into work today, I fell down a well, trying to save a puppy this morning. Now I'm waiting for emergency services to lift me out of this hole.

25. I won't be coming into work today, I was sprayed by a skunk this morning and I must stay home and try to get rid of the smell.

26. I can't come to work today, I was mugged at _______(time/place-no cameras) and I'm going into the police station as we speak so I can file a report or make a description of the person that mugged me.

27. I won't be coming into work today, my wife/husband is adopting a child today, and I have to convince him/her otherwise.

28. I can't come into work a family member is going for abortion today and I have to talk her out of it.

29. I can't come into work today a close friend was diagnosed with a disease and I'm staying with him/her because he/she is going through a very tough time.

30. One of my friends was beaten up and robbed by some gang members, I can't come into work. I must stay with them while they are at the hospital.

31. I won't be coming into work today, I'm preposing to my girlfriend/boyfriend and it is a very important day.

32. I won't be coming in today, a friend is suffering from anorexia and I am going to be with them for support and to take them into the hospital or doctors office.

33. One of my friends is having an allergic reaction as we speak from being stung by a bee, I'm taking them to the hospital so I won't be into work today.

34. I can't come into work today, one of my friends is having post traumatic stress disorder and I'm going to visit for support.

35. I'm not coming in today, I witnessed a murder, I'm traumatized and I have to report to the police station.

36. I'm not going to come into work today an old friend was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance in the brain so I'm going to go visit them and his/her family.

37. A family member/friend had a nervous breakdown before I dropped them off so I'm taking him/her to the hospital for some sort of treatment.

38. My friend ______(name) got a chemical in their eye at work and after some testing, found out that he/she lost some of eyesight so we are getting together for him/her today.

39. My friend ______(name) lost some hearing today because he/she was exposed to some loud sounds at work so we are getting together with him/her and the family.

40. I can't come into work today my best friend lost all their money at the casino so he is suffering from deep deppression because his girl just left him because he lost all his money.

41. I can't come into work because I as I was dropping my friend off, my passenger airbag accidentilly deployed so I have to take him to the hospital then go to the mechanics.

42. There is a snake nest in my backyard. My children play out in the backyard when no one is home. They look poisonous so I called animal control and I'm staying until they arrive. It's going to be at least a few hours, they said it was going to take long for them to arrive. I can't come in today.

43. I was a witness of a robbery at _______(place) so I'm staying to give a report to the police.

44. I'm waiting for furniture to be dropped off at home today, I can't leave the house, because I'm the only one home.

45. I'm sorry I can't come in today, I'm volunteering today for _______(fundraising event) and I can't miss it because I am one of the organizers.

46. I'm meeting last minute with my lawyer for a very important confedential meeting regarding one of my ex's.

47. I can't come into work today, one of my friend's was struck by lightning and is so lucky to be alive, so I'm going to visit him in the hospital.

48. I spilt my smoothie as I was driving to work, loss control of the wheel and I crashed into the pole. I'm waiting for a tow truck to take me to the mechanics.

49. An old friend is in trouble with some mobsters sO I have to go bail him out, or it can get more serious and be life threatening.

50. A friend was injured from the shards of an explosion, and I'm going to visit them in the hospital, he/she is lucky to be alive.

51. I won't be coming in, A friend's child was abducted this morning so I have to be there for support and to help look for him/her.

52. A electricity line broke infront of my house and I have to wait they fix the problem, we'ved been ordered to stay inside, no one can drive or walk out of our homes.

53. The babysitter called in sick and I have to stay home and take care of my children/niece/nephew.

54. I'm not coming into work today, please don't ask it's personal. (They can't question you and if they do say, its really personal)

55. I signed up for a CPR and first aid course I need 2 days off. (important certification)

56. There is a serious investigation on my street and the police warned my family and I not to leave the house. I think it has to do with _________(murder, serial killer, robbery, etc)

57. I'm protesting against a very serious cause that my husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend truly believes in. The cause is _______.

58. My house was fired at by gangsters/mobsters looking for the wrong guy, because I have no affiliation with gangsters/mobsters. I'm filing reports and getting the damages fixed today, luckily everyone is safe.

59. The bus I was on was held up by a gunman, I got out safe, he just wanted all the money he could get. I'm shocked and traumatized and I'm not coming in today.

60. I was tranquilized and robbed, I'm trying to give a report but it all seems blurry. All my cards, valuables and cash are gone.

61. My ______(relative/friend) was tranquilized and robbed when they were walking out of the bank. I was dropping him off before starting work not I'm rushing to the emergency room.

62. I have to go with my relative to our house we rent out because those tenants purposely destroyed the house and left. We have to file a report with the police and try to salvage the house before we lose our investment. I can't come in today.

63. I can't come into work, I was having breakfast at _______(breakfast restaurant), when I went to the washroom, someone drugged my coffee/tea that I left on the table. Now I'm dizzy and nautious. I'm going to call for help.(speak with a slur and as if you are intoxicated)

64. I most certainly cannot make it in today, I'm meeting with the ambassator from a foreign country, for some of my international business. Sorry, I must attend, this is important confedential business.

65. I was ambushed and mugged today by a bunch of homeless people. I'm depressed and not feeling well. I'm not coming in.

66. A friend is addicted to herroin, so we are having an intervention today for him/her. I can't make it in, I have to try and help.

67. I have a serious inflict with the police that is confidential and won't allow me to come in today, I'm sorry.

68. I had an interaction with an family friend at the coffee shop before coming in. I was very close to him. He informed me that his wife is on her death bed. I'm going to see smiling Sally one last time before she passes. She was always smiling and so cheerful, I loved her company. I can't make it into work today.

69. My sister/brother is leaving the country with his/her wife/husband because their family is sick in ______(country). I have to go give my offering of help and my condolonces before they leave.

70. My family friend crashed my car and is very injured on the way to the hospital. I can't come in, I'm taking the day to go visit him/her at the hospital. He/she is apperently in critical condition and I need to go see them. I don't even care about my car. (Mechanics did an amazing job to make your car identical again, and your family friend heals over a month. You can say you are at the mechanics the next day to get one more day off)

71. I have an immediate meeting with my insurance company, I'm sorry about the late notice but they told me yesterday evening and if I don't attend, I will get fined. I can't come in today.

72. I broke my roommate/family member's $3500 dollar guitar and if he comes home to find his instrument broken, he will kick me out and I will have no where to live. I need to replace it today and look all over town for the exact model. I can't make it in today.

73. My best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend has some serious intense information he/she is telling me today. I think he/she is proposing. (or) I think he/she is the one who stole and spent all my life savings. It is an important day and I need to see what happens, I can't come into work today. (The next day, you tell them a story of what happened that will never bite you in the ass)

74. I randomly seen my old professor/therapist at my coffee shop and I needed to ask some questions about guidance for my future and my depression problems. I ended up booking his/her whole day off so I figure out how to get my state out of depression before it gets increasingly serious.

75. I accidentally intercepted a drug drop off deal and I'm dealing with gangsters/mobsters and the police. I can't come into work today, I'm in trouble. (Have a crazy story for your employers)

76. I'm can't come in today, I have an important all day meeting with my instructor/mentor who is monitoring my disability improvememt. (Tell them you don't like talking about your disability since it's not very noticible)

77. I am responsible for picking up _________(someone important) from the airport, I can't miss this so I can't come in today.

78. I had an intruder last night, so I wake up and I just found him past out drunk and stoned with all the things he stole from my house. I'm trying to be very quiet, so I'll call you later on in the day after the police gets here, I'm going to stay home or wait by it until police arrives, I can't come in.(whisper)

79. I'm enclosed in a shopping mall________ (make up a mall) and I don't know if the mall is being attacked or robbed, the lights have been off since yesterday and everyone is hiding because they say there is an assasin killing people inside, I'll call you when police gets us out alive.(call them later on and say you got out okay but you can't make it, your tired and hungry 1-2 days)

80. I promised this couple I met on vacation that I would consult them as their therapist, I've been so busy with work that I've been putting them off. They are on the verge of divorce now so I have to go meet them now before it gets worse. I can't come in, please give me a break, I'm trying to save a marriage.

81. I have a serious problem and I can't focus, I'm not kidding I can't even concentrate, I'm going to go see the doctor if I can get some prescribed riddilin(focus medication). I'm not coming into work today.

82. As I was leaving for work, I encountered a freak outside my home waiting for my sister/daughter to come outside. Since she is home alone, I can't leave her alone just incase if this freak trys anything life threantening. (Sound worried)

83. I think an imposter went to the bank and widthdrew all of my money. I'm broke now! I called the bank and they told me I widthdrew all of my money, so I set up an immediate meeting because the bank just found out it was an imposter who widthdrew the money. (sound pissed)

84. A _______(friend/family friend) was kidnapped and I'm with their family helping to make signs and to help them look for their ________(child, brother, mother, etc.)(Sound worried)

85. I just remembered that I have to do community service, picking up litter around the city, for an offence I commited. Please don't ask of the offence, I can't miss this or else they give me more hours for community service. I can't make it into work today.

86. My bestfriend/relative had a panic attack right before I was leaving for work, I can't come in, I have to stay here and take care of him/her.

87. A good old frined recently got into a car accident and is a parapalegic now(can't move from waste down). I have to attend his get together and fundraiser to support his cause and misfortune.

88. My tenants are complaining about a infection of earwigs so I must handle this issue before it gets worse. I'm not coming today.

89. I must enroll back into school, if not I must miss another opportunity to go learn. Today is the deadline to enroll, so I can't come in. (say a program and part-time or full-time)

90. An old enemy is standing in front of my home so I'm going to wait it out, until he leaves because I don't want problems with him or with the police. (Sound frightened)

91. When I woke up this morning, all my mirrors were broken overnight. I'm scared, staying home and going to report this to the police.

92. I went on a trip overnight and I when I got home I realized I left my kid behind, I need to go get him/her. I can't come into work. ( Or could be a family excuse)

93. My cellphone and my wallet were stolen when I parked at the gas station. I was just running in quickly. Now I don't have any of my cards, cash or phone. I reported to the gas station to retrieve the video, and I'm waiting for the police. I have to replace everything today, I'm sorry I can't come into work. (Call from a payphone, and keep your phone off until you "replace" it)

94. I left my wallet on top of my car when I filled up gas, I forgot it there, and I'm driving around trying to retrace where I was driving on my route to work. I can't come in, I have to find my wallet, if not, replace all my cards)

95. I have to get my license renewed today or I lose it, and if I lose it I can't drive to work any longer. I can't come in today so I can renew my licence.

96. I lost my niece/nephew in a shopping mall, I can't leave until I find them. It's an emergency and I can't come into work. (after you retaurn to work, you say he/she was found sleeping between a rack of clothes inside a store)

97. My cards are not working and they won't let me leave the gas station until someone comes and pays for me. I'm going to be waiting until I find a friend or family member to come pay for me. I'm going to be late and if I can't find anyone to help me out, I will be stuck here at the gas station. (You call back later to let them know if you will be late or you cannot find someone to pay for you until later on)

98. I seen someone dangling a baby from an apartment building/hotel room and I'm with the police trying to figure out which room the horrific act occured. I'm coming in today.

99. I was called in to attend some court room action as a witness, as I witnessed an accident some months ago, I completely forgot, so I will not be able to come into work.

100. I herd a suspicious ticking sound when I was driving to work, so I pulled over to check under my car. I found a real bomb planted underneath my car. I'm waiting for police and swat to arrive to deactivate it or dispose of it. I parked my car in an empty parking lot and I'm waiting across the street. (If your not taking that car to work again -say it blew up, If you plan to take the car to work again-say the bomb team deactivated it)

101. This woman/man that I met at the bar has me on house arrest, seriously in handcuffs. She/he has some crazy fetish but left me locked onto her/his bed and she/he left the house. I don't know when he/she is getting back but I'm locked here for now, if she/he doesn't come back soon enough, it will get serious and I will call the police. (change a few words and you can use this one for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife)

102. There's a bunch of racoons in my kitchen and I'm with my family in the room until animal control arrives and saves us. I can't make it in today.

103. A family freind in a coma, past away today after a long stong stuggle, so I'm visitin his/her family. I won't be coming today.

104. I'm attending an important public hearing today, being a community activist, it is crutial that I attend. Sorry, I can't come into work today.

105. My landlord kicked me out because I was giving the rent money to my roommate and he was spending it on escorts every month, I had no idea until he kicked me out this morning, my roommate has been spending the money for 6 months. I have to find a new place today to live this month. I cannot make it in today.

106. I'm stuck at a motel, an escort that I picked up last night left in the morning, stole my car, my wallet, my cellphone, everything! I'm stranded all the way here in _______(town/city far away) until someone comes and picks me up. (call from a payphone)

107. I was on the bus and a lady bursted water and I have a bit of training so I'm in the process of helping her give birth, I'm not coming in. I have to go. (speak in a rush)

108. I was given tickets and I'm travelling to the ________ (world event-olympics, world cup, etc). I'm going to be gone for a few weeks. I can't miss it, I'm going with my _______(family member) that bought them for me. (If your not going any where, don't show your face around town, and tag pictures from the event on your social media accounts. If you think your employers won't like your honesty, don't use this one!)

109. I was falsely arrested this morning and I just got released. All they did was appologize, nothing more. I'm hungry and tired, I can't possibly make it to work today.

110. I can't make it to work today, I was torchured last night and I don't want to talk about it.

111. My neighbor's pacemaker stopped working, his wife came to me so I'm rushing him/her to the hospital. I'm not coming in.

112. I'm not going to make it in to work today, I was having sexual intercourse before work and my partner fainted, so I'm taking him/her to the hospital.

113. My glasses fell and when I was looking for them, I crushed them. I'm going to the optomotrist to replace the frame and the lens. I can't drive or see the buses so I'm walking there. I'm not coming in today. (or late)

114. The police shut down my road for investigation, I don't know what happened I can't leave my street, so I'm not coming into work today.

115. I'm not coming in, I'm stranded on ______ Island. I called for help but I'm stuck out here until someone comes to rescue me.

116. I'm stranded in _______(far away city), it's a long story and I have no way back today. I'll be back tomorrow. (When they ask you what happened, tell them you don't wan't to talk about it and if you talk about it, have a set story ready)

117. Someone broke into my ________(social media account) and started problems with all my friends and family. I need to fix the problems today or my whole social life could go haywire. I can't come into work today.

118. Earlier today I lost my important briefcase with all my important files inside. It could be in be in the library, or at the coffee shop, or at the mall. It even has my passport and wallet inside, it's been a horrible day and these things are very important to me, I need to find it or file a report, I can't come into work.

119. Someone I know was kidnapped and I'm going over to see the family and go help make and put up missing signs. It's a sad, day and I'll bring a missing sign to work. (When you go back into work, bring a fake made up missing sign with a friend or someone's photo. Make it look real but say it's okay we found them last night)

120. I think I solved a mystery killer case in the neighbourhood, I'm going to look it all over and call the investigator who is following the case. I'm going show him/her the lead I have because I think it is dead on. I'm not going to be able to make it in today.

121. I went to go ask this lady for directions and I think she thought I was going to rob her, so she pulled out pepper spray and sprayed my eyes, my eyes are so ichy and I'm constantly washing them under water but they really sting. I can't come into work today.

122. My marriage is going sour, so I'm taking the day to spice it up. My marriage is worth more than work. I love him/her I don't want to lose my wife/husband.(sound depressed but as if you are gaining confidence)

123. I came on a ride at _________(amusement park) before work and I got stuck on a rollercoaster. I'm so lucky we didn't get stuck upside down, I'm very hot right now and I'm starting to get a bit nauseous. The park staff said it would take at least a few hours to get down. I'm probably not going to make it in today.

124. I was at a school registering my self (or your child) and it suddenly went in emergency mode and everyone has to hide. I can't leave, I'm under a desk and I have to wait until the threat is over. I'm not coming in, I can't leave, if this ends soon I will.

125. I'm having some serious finacially problems, so I'm meeting with my finacial advisor today, because everything is on the line, including my house, cars, and savings. This is everything I own so I can't miss this meeting, I can't come in.

126. My child/younger cousin ran away from home. I have to report it and put up missing signs, this is so serious I can't come into work. (When you come in to work next time, bring them a missing sign you created)

127. I was playing baseball last night and I realized lost my wedding ring last night. I looked everywhere and the only place it could be is on the baseball feild. I have to go find it today, before my husband/wife realizes. I can't come in.

128. I lost my very expensive 24 carrot gold neckless given to me as a present by my _________(family member) and I lost it playing/fooling around on the soccer field last night. I need to go find it, it has much meaning to me. I can't come in today.

129. I came fishing out here on lake ______(name of lake-or could be ocean) very early and was expecting to be at work by now. I'm actually stuck on the boat now, I think the engine blew on me. I'm waiting to be seen and rescued. I'm not coming into work today.

130. I was segregated for the way I look in ______(place or business) and I'm protesting with others against the company, I'm not coming in.

131. A close friend is getting separated and going to be there to comfort him/her. I can't come in.

132. I was babysitting before work and the child cut himself bone deep playing with a sharp toy. I'm rushing him to the hospital because I'm sure he's going unconsious.(speak rushed and worried)

133. A family member/old friend just had siamese twins so I'm going to visit them at the hospital. I can't come in.

134. I was abducted and I'm chained up in a closed room. I don't know where I am but I will let you know when or if I get out. Don't call the police because they are listening in, and have tapped into your lines. If you inform the police I will die, so please don't. My friend is on his was with the ransom, and everything should go smoothly.

135. I was called in for an interview for my future volunteer group. I need to attend today so I don't lose the position. I can't come into work today.

136. I can't come into work today, my husband/wife and I were fighting all night. It is very serious and I had no sleep. I'm exhausted and very stressed.

137. I feel harrassed by a co-worker and he/she is on my shift today so I don't want to go in and file a complaint or a charge. I don't want this to be a big deal, and I don't want anyone to know because you are the only one who does. I feel like I am not going be comfortable at work today so I'm not coming.

138. I don't remember what happened last night, but I just woke up on a moving freight train. I don't know how far I am but I am going to jump off and try to make my way back to town. I'm not coming into work today.

139. I was playing darts with my _______(friend/family member) before work and one of the darts jumped back and landed in my ______'s foot. We took it out but it started bleeded non-stop. I'm driving him/her to the hospital. I can't come into work today.

140. I can't come to work today, I just figured out some heart breaking news and I'm super depressed. I need the day please.

141. I was harrassed while I was shopping and I feel so down, I came home and I'm curled up like a ball in bed. I'm very hurt and I need today off. I don't want to talk about it.

142. I'm going to a hospice (hospital for people with incurable diseases) to visit an old friend. He is getting worse, so I'm not going to come into work today.

143. A friend re-used a hypodermic needle and he/she is getting really sick, I was with them today right after he/she used the needle, so I'm taking care of him/her and taking him/her to the doctors before it gets worse. I can't come in.

144. My housekeeper stole all my identities, money, and jewellery yesterday and I just realized today. I have to go with the police to identify him/her and deal with the problem. I can't come into work today. (when you return to work, say you wrongfully accused your housekeeper)

145. I witnessed a murder through a building window, so I'm with the police officer now, narrowing down and pin pointing which apartment building this horrible event took place. This is very serious I can't leave, I am helping with the investigation because a gun shot and screaming in the building was reported. It was one of the buildings by ______(area with buildings). I can't come into work today.

146. I seen an accident and I was first on scene before emergency services. I pulled over to help and one lady was having troubles getting out of the car because her door was jammed. I helped her out but she went unconsious as soon as she stepped on the ground. I caught her as she was falling and carried her to the side walk. She lost her pulse so I started doing CPR, and she started puking when I brought her back to life. When the ambulance arrived the paramedics asked me to acompany them to the hospital with her because I was the one who performed CPR. I can't leave until I speak to the doctor and since the lady is okay, it's going to take a while. I'm not going to be able to come into work today.

147. I have been kicked out of my apartment last night because one of my guests did something really stupid, so I have to move out all my things by today or I lose it all. I need to get my things out so I can't come into work today. (Your guest pulled the fire alarm or woke up every one in the building with fog horns, something bad)

148. My bank called me for an emergency meeting because someone has been forging my checks. I had no idea but I need to go meet them and see what happened. I can't come into work today.

149. Someone commited fraud under my name and I'm going to some different offices to fix up the problems that this con artist started. I'm not coming into work today.

150. I must go to my pre-set appointment I completely forgot about, to donate sperm for couples who can't have children.

151. If I come to work an employee threatened to sexually harrass me this today. I'm choosing not to come into work today to prevent any situation. I can't say who it is, but I'm not coming in today.

152. I don't feel physically, emotionally, and mentally stable to come into work today, I'm going through alot.

153. My friendly nieghbours asked me if I could take care of their children until their aunt comes and picks up the children. They are flying out for a family emergency that happened overseas in _______(country). It's important for them and I can't leave the baby and 4 year old alone. I'm sorry, I can't come into work today.

154. I lost my wallet before going to eat this morning at a restaurant. I didn't know, I ordered and ate without a method of payment so the owner told me I have to stay and pay off my bill by working at the restaurant for a few hours. It's too bad none of my family members or friends are in the area, they are at work so I can't ask them for a favour. I can't come into work today.

155. The police shot me with a stun-gun, accused of being the wrong guy. I'm in custody now, that's why I'm calling from a payphone. They just realized I'm not a criminal, I'll be leaving here shortly but I'm hungry, tired, and still a little in shock from everything. I'm not going to come into work today.

156. I have to go to an old friends barmitzfa, we have been friends since childhood, and I totally forgot it was today. I can't come in today.

157. I'm not coming to work, I was coming back from _______(place) when at the border, the officers detained us and questioned us all night. I'm so tired and we were just released. I can't come in.