Leave Work Early Excuses

If you want to leave work early, you've come to the right place. You should have access to a phone and have someone call you while your working. The person that calls you, should use an excuse to notify you, that you have an emergency to attend to. Or if you have no one to call you, fake an illness. If you convince your employers that you are sick enough, they will let you leave.

1. I have to leave early, I'm very constipated and I have diareah. It's really painful not being on the toilet. (Hold your stomach as if it's about to explode)

2. My kids are locked outside the house and I must go home to let them in, they are hungry and the babysitter cannot wait outside of my house and he/she has to leave. I can't leave my young kid/nephew alone outside my house. I have to leave now. (Sound rushed and worried)

3. I completely forgot my daughter is graduating from highschool today so I must be there for the ceremony. I need to leave.

4. My kids are home and my son is locked in the washroom and I have to go home and get him out, before he has another panic attack. (Sound rushed and worried)

5. The gas company employee is coming to my house today, no one is home and I am responsible for being there when he comes over to fix the gas meter.

6. I must leave, if I don't leave to pick up my car, it will be stuck in the mechanic shop for the rest of the week/weekend and I won't be able to come into work.

7. I have to leave, my kids/siblings started a fire at home and I just recieved a call from emergency services. (If they ask, say it was a small fire someone seen and reported)

8. I have to leave work, I just remembered I am responsible for driving my mother/father/sibling to a serious doctors appointment at _____(time).

9. I must leave work, I just found out my child/sibling is seriously hurt from _______(sport) and I'm meeting them at the hospital.

10. You can always fake an injury at work to leave early, but you must take a real fall, so someone can see that you actually fell and got hurt. When you say which bodypart hurts, you must really act out how you would walk or talk if it actually had happened.

11. I have to leave work, a water pipe burst at home and I must get home as soon as possible.

12. I have to leave work, a pump in my basement quit and the basement is flooding.

13. I must leave, my wife/husband ran over a dog, she/he is a mess and I must console her.

14. I have to leave work, I just recieved a call from my alarm company saying that someone broke in through the window. I must go and wait for police to arrive if their not there before me.

15. I must leave right now, my child/sibling just told me they are going to adopt a child from a foreign country right now. I must go console her before he/she makes any desicions, she/he lives with me!

16. I am forced to leave right now, my child/sister is having an abortion and I must be there for support, whatever her decision may be.

17. My child/nephew's school called me with an emergency. He/she ran out of inhaler medication, I must leave now and rush home then to my child/nephew's school. (or rush to the school to pick them up, then rush home).

18. One of my family members is introuble with the police and I have to go meet the police officers and pick him up from the police station I must leave work, I'm sorry it's an emergency and he used his phone call on me.

19. I must leave home immediately, I just recieved a phone call from the police, informing me that my home was broken into during the day. I have to go fill out reports, and see if anything is missing. I hope nothing is stolen.

20. Don't drive, friend picking you up, taking the bus home?

21. All my organs inside are acting up, everything hurts I can barely concentrate, and it hurts to walk. I need to go home and take some prescribed medication for these symptoms. (Struggle to keep on a conversation, walk out like a slow pinguin and act as if you are in extreme pain. Call someone to pick you up in 15 minutes, from when initial excuse was used. Or act as if the pain is so horrible that you are taking a taxi home. Taxi picks you up from work and drops you off not visible to the workplace. You take a bus home to save you all that money you would have spent, if you took the taxi all the way home due to your "pains")

22. My sister/brother just called me he/she is going to fly out with his/her wife/husband because their family is sick in ______(country). I have to go give my offering of help and my condolonces before they fly out.

23. My wife/husband was walking my dog and during the walk, my dog got in a fight with another dog. During the fight my wife/husband was biten by the other dog. He/she is very hurt because the bite was so deep, he/she is getting rushed to the hospital, I have to leave and go meet him/her there.(speak rushed and worried)

24. I have to leave, one of my family members is in the hospital in critical condition. I can't stay, I need to go see them.

25. My child/nephew is very sick, the school just called me and asked if I can go pick him/her up. I need to go pick him/her up and take her to get checked out. Sorry, I must leave.

26. The principal called me from my child/nephew's school and I need to pick him/her up immediately. He/she is getting suspended/expelled from school for commiting a terrible act. I must pick him/her up immediately.

27. My child/sibling's work called and he/she was criticly injured at his/her workplace. I need to go pick him/her up because he/she is refusing to take an ambulance to the hospital. I need to go help him/her out because it is very serious. I must leave now, I'm sorry.

28. My child/nephew/brother's college/university called and he/she is alot of trouble. They couldn't tell me the problem but they told me to come to the college/university as soon as possible. I'm sorry I must leave.

29. Puke in front of your boss, fake puke. Make sure to pack the puke ingredients in your lunch bag. Mix yogurt and milk in your mouth, chew a cookie or a hot dog and chew it well in your mouth. Get real evidence of being sick by walking up to your boss and act as if you are trying to stop your self from puking but cannot. Bl-Bl-blahhh right infront of your boss on the floor. Tell your boss your stomach is acting up and more puke is on the way. Clean up the puke and hold your stomach constantly. Your getting out of work:).

30. I need to leave I have a serious family problem at home, my _________(family member) just called me and told me it's chaos at home. I'm sorry I need to get going. (Sound worried and scared- you don't have to disclose family problems)