Extra Days Off At End Of Vacation Excuses

Usually when you get back from a great trip, you need a few days off to recover and catch up on some sleep or work. Unfortunately work doesn't want you to have those extra days off, fortunately here are some good excuses you can use to get off after a vacation.

1. I was bite by a bug in _____(country) I feel terrible and just took medicine for the bite, I need a few days off to make sure its completely gone.

2. I am suppose to be back at work today but I won't be coming in because I am waiting for the delayed plane, it hasn't left and I am not home yet.

3. I'm not coming into work today, I had a crazy time on vacation and I got married, and today I'm getting divorced.

4. I'm not going to be able to come into work today, one of the people I travelled with lost their passport and is being held back in the country until I help them get back home.

5. I witnessed a massacre on vacation, I wasn't suppose to see the massacre. I feel traumitized and I'm going to stay home and talk to a therapist on what I witnessed. I need a week off, I am completely out of it since I seen that.

6. I was stung by a jelly fish right before my vacation ended and I'm all sore, I think I'm allergic. I'm going to need a few days off.

7. I just got back from ______(country with different timezone) and I have serious jet lag. I need another day, I can't come in.

8. My baggage with everything in it was lost on the way back from vacation and I must stay at the airport, I was informed to stay in order to claim my luggage if it comes in later. I'm very stressed and I must stay here so I can't come in. (you call in the next day to say it came __ hours later)

9. My plane went down in the ocean, and we has to get out and take a boat to the closest land with an airport to fly back here. I'm still traumatized and exhausted. (Have a story ready)

10. I overtanned can barely move they had to get me off the plane in a wheel chair, I'm going to need a few days off. (Make sure you go on your vacation and tan like crazy! Get as dark or red as possible so you can get some extra days off)

11. I went horse back riding on vacation and the horse took off so quick that I landed on my back and elbows. I'm still in pain. The doctor in ________(country) said that I will need __ days of rest. (1 week)

12. While I was on vacation, I went water skiing /skiing and I twisted my knee off a jump on the course. I need to dedicate today to getting a knee-brace and icing the pain away. I can't come into work today.

13. I came home from vacation last night/today and my stupid ________(family member) left the back door open. During the time we were gone, we have families of spiders, mice, birds, insects, and some animals I can hear but can't see. I need to stay home and try to make my home clean again. I can't come in today and I'll let you know the progress for tomorrow.