House Problem Excuses

This is your shelter, you must care for it and it is a major priority after family. You need a place for you and your family to live, so home excuses are very useful. If you would like to use second home or a cottage excuse and you do not have a second home or cottage, make it up, give your employers an excuse about your "other house" or "cottage". They'll never know. Alot of things can go wrong with a house, here are some excuses to get you the day off.

1. The racoons made 3 paths into my house, I have to protect my family and call animal control. I have to wait until they get here to clear the racoons. Then I have to clean the mess and fix the holes. I can't come into work today.

2. I can't come into work today, my roof is leaking water and someone is coming over to check it out and fix this unfortunate problem.

3. I can't come to work today, I have a gas leak in my house and I am standing outside waiting for emergency services and some other companies to make it safe before I can leave.

4. I won't be able to come to work today, I have some pipe that burst and all my kitchen and washroom is messed up and I'm waiting for the plumber to come over and fix the problem.

5. I'm not coming into work today, my main panel blew and I have no electricity in my house. I called in an electrician and waiting for him/her to arrive.

6. I can't come into work today, my washer wouldn't stop over flowing water threw the top. It's over leaking still and I'm ankle deep with water.

7. I won't be coming into work today, there has been a cockroach outbreak in my basement, and throughout my whole house, so I must wait for pest control to come and disinfect my home.

8. I won't be able to come into work today, yesterday my friend has discovered mold throughout my house and he is coming today to help me take it all out.

9. I will not be coming to work today, my gas line is leaking and I must stay outside by my house until everything is solved.

10. I believe my house was broken into last night, because all of my important files, passport, money and jewellery are missing. I have to call the police and report this so they can come over and investigate and deal with alot today.(when you get back to work, say the crook dropped his license in your house and you recovered all of your valuables)

11. I'm not coming into work today, the tree in front/behind my house fell on top of my house and broke a part of the roof, I'm waiting for the tree company and roofers to come to my house.

12. I'm not coming into work today, someone broke into my house while my family was sleeping last night and messed up the whole main level of my house, I'm not sure if anything is missing yet, Im waiting to fill out a report.

13. My house was egged and paper towelled and I have to stay here and clean until its all done.

14. I woke up to rocks through all of my windows and I have to stay home until they come and replace all of my windows.

15. There is a mice infection in my house and I have to wait until the terminatior gets here. There were hundreds of them maybe thousands, I think they were building up in my walls and made a hole to come in.

16. I'm experiencing an ant and spider infestation in my home. I will be waiting for the terminator to arrive. I think they were building up in my camping gear for a while. I woke up to a nightmare.

17. I changed my washing machine last night, the hoses weren't on properly and I flooded my floors. I must stay home and fix the problem.

18. There is a real mini-horse on the main floor of my house, I think its a prank but its mean and breaking things. I'm waiting for animail control and clean it's mess everywhere. I can't come into work today.

19. My hottub leaked everywhere because the hoses broke from the pressure, my house is full of water, I have to repair all the damages.

20. I can't come in, my propane take wont shut off and I can't leave my house like this. I'm waiting for help to arrive.

21. A big bird smashed into my window, and is stuck flying around in my house. I have to get the window replaced and wait for animal control to get this bird!

22. A tree fell on my driveway and it's huge so I have to wait for all my family to get home to help me move it tonight, and we need one of my family members pick up truck. Sorry I can't come in today, I can't move my vehicles.

23. The floors in my house are infected with termites and I have to wait outside until the problem gets fixed.

24. I just found out the wood in my house is full of mold and my family and breathes that in everyday. It is very unhealthy considering my ________(family member) is pregnant. My home renovator friend has the day off and he advised we fix the problem immediately. I am helping him out in order to get this job done. I can't come into work today, I need to do this for my family's health.

25. My fireplace was overloaded with wood and self-ignited last night, I don't know how it started on it's own. It ruined my the inside of my home and burnt everything around the fireplace. I have to take the day off to fix the damages, before my wife/parents see this. It was my fault since I didn't clear the wood I put in the fireplace.

26. My house is infested with fleas by our newly found dog. Better if I stay home and get rid of the fleas, rather than to come in and spread this infection at work. I can't come in.

27. My home is full of insects because someone left the back door open last night. I am staying home to clear the new habitat in my home. The bugs are everywhere, its disguisting and not safe for my family.

28. I'm getting a home appraisil done today because I have interested neighbours in buying my home. This deal might go threw today if it all works out. I can't come in. (when you go back to work, you tell your employer, the deal didn't work out)

29. Someone intentially damaged my home overnight while I was sleeping. I have to report this trespassing and destruction of property. Then I need to call my insurance company and fix the damage. (Be ready to tell your employer what they destroyed at your house- doors, windows, garage, driveway, trees, etc.)

30. My mattress went on fire when I was sleeping last night, I burnt my back a bit, it's very sore and painful. I have to replace my matress as well. I can't come in.

32. My drain was plugged this morning and I accidentally let the water flow. I flooded all my kitchen floors and it's leaking into the basement can't come in, I have to fix this problem.

33. I was sweeping my kitchen and I pulled up my fridge to sweep behind, I broke the water hose connected to my fridge and water wouldn't stop coming out. I flooded my kitchen, into the next rooms, and underneath. I have to take care of this problem, I'm sorry, I can't come in.

34. Someone dumped all there garbage on my driveway. I don't know why or who, but my driveway is all full of garbage. I'm staying home to clean this mess up. I'm not coming today.

35. My room is full of earwigs that creeped in through a hole from the outside. It's so nasty, I'm staying home to take care of the problem before it goes to my whole house.

36. I must evacuate my house today because the safety comittee told me it was hazardous for my health to stay. I'm leaving with my family to a temporary home, so today I can't make it in. I'm sorry, its just hectic, picking up and moving everyone.(Tell your employers that the drywall in the whole house is hazardous)

37. My wife/husband and I came back from a mini-vacation and found our kids throwing a huge house party. Almost everything was destroyed and everything was a mess. We have to take the day to fix everything, I can't come in.

38. All the closets in my house are full of moths and all my clothes have holes in them. I have to go get some new clothes without holes, I can't come into work.

39. A metal object fell from the sky and broke the skylight in my home, I already have birds flying around in my home. I have to replace the glass and get these birds out. I can't come into work today.

40. The support of my house is badly damaged because a drunk driver driving a hummer crashed into my house last night, I have to stay home and wait until they finish fixing my house.

41. A garbage truck ran into my house, I can't come into work today I'm dealing with insurance, police and the home builders to fix the problem.

42. My ceiling caved in due to the build up of rain in my attic and there are mice running around everywhere. It's a mess at home and I have to help to get this under control. I can't come into work today.

43. My house is full of bed bugs and I have to wait until the company comes to fumigate the problem. I need to stay home, until they come and take care of it, so I can't make it into work today, I'm sorry.

44. I'm not coming in, an owl flew threw my window and is fighting me off inside my house. I'm having some troubles today.

45. My packrat hoarder family member started a fire in his/her room and spread out. We put it out in time, luckily there was no major damage, but I'm staying home to clean up and fix what I can.

46. My house is infested with rats that came in through a crack in the brick wall on my home. I'm getting the crack fixed and clearing these rats from my home. I can't come into work today.

47. My _______(family member) burnt down my shed/garage, I have to stay home and fix up the damages. I can't come in.

48. I can't come into work today, I noticed that bricks are falling off my house. The damage is everywhere and if I let it pass one more day my house could get completely destroyed. I'm staying home and calling someone in to fix the problems.

49. My garage was broken into, all my things are upside down and some things are missing. I need to carefully look through my things with the police officer so I can file a report depending what is missing. I'm fustrated and super busy, I'm not coming into work today.

50. My shed was lit on fire by some pranksters last night, my neighbours rang my door bell a bunch of times and woke me up. They did this to ask me if I was aware of the fire, so I reported it immediately and started putting water on the fire as the firemen arrived. Everything inside my shed is damaged and the shed it self is barely standing. I'm going to replace my shed and my belongings inside my shed today. I'm not coming in today.

60. Someone lit my cottage on fire last night, I was just notified and I need to drive up there to see the damage, and talk to police and firefighters about what happened. I'm so fustrated, I hope the damages aren't much, I'm sorry I can't come into work today.

61. I can't come into work, my nieghbour at the cottage called to inform me that it looks like my cottage was broken into. He/she said the entrance gate is open, front door is wide open and so are some of the windows. I need to drive up and see if my valuables are missing. (Sound upset and worried)

62. I found a junkie(drug adict) living in my shed today and I have to convince him/her that he/she doesn't live here. He/she is pretty high on drugs and is telling me that he/she has moved in a while ago and that it's affordable here. I need to stay home and watch him/her, and if he/she doesn't leave, I need to get law enforcement involved. I can't come in today.

63. The guest house in my backyard, gas line was leaking last night and it exploded. I woke up to the sound of the explosion. Luckily no one was in the guest house when it happened. I need to stay here, clean and fix the most I can. I'm not coming in.

64. Ladybugs and some other bugs swarmed my house and they are all over the inside. It's a mess and I'm going to clean up. I'm not coming into work today.

65. I have discovered woodworms have made holes all threw out the wood of my house and if it gets any worse I will not be able to live inside of my home. I need to fix the problem today, I showed it to a home renovator last night and he said he had to re-support the house and eliminate the woodworms immediately. He is doing this today, and asked me to be home so I can see what he works on and fixes. I can't come into work.

66. My sleeping back from camping brought a spider infestation inside my room and If I don't take care of this today. They will have spider babies and take over my house. So I'm not coming in to take care of this today.

67. One of my idiot family members super glued all the doors and windows shut and we are having serious troubles getting outside. He/she did it as a practical joke but it was so stupid of him/her. I can't come into work.

68. I found alot of garbage worms all over my house and I'm staying home to get rid of all the nasty worms. I'm not coming in today, I'm sorry.

69. I've discovered a bunch of hazards in my house. Since I have guest staying at my house for the next few weeks, I can't afford them to get injured and potentially sue me. I'm not coming into work today, I have to take care of this problem.

70. A hurricane torn off my roof, I'm topless and I need to hire the roofers to re-do my roof today, asap before another storm comes towards my home.

71. My cottage has a leaking gas line. My neighbour from the cottage area called me to inform me about the situation. He already called emergency services, and they are on their way. I have to get there as soon as possible, to see what I'm going to do about the problem. I can't come into work today, I have to go to my cottage.

72. I'm selling all my furniture today because I can't afford rent this month otherwise. I can't come into work.

73. I was trying to start breakfast and got distracted, and started a fire in my kitchen. I must stay home, clean and try to fix this. I can't come into work today.

74. My ______(family member) said he/she seen a taranchula(poisonous spider) inside our house. I'm staying home and waiting for animal control. I can't come into work today.

75. I'm not able to come into work today, my toilet started over flowing and it won't stop. The water is ankle's deep in the washroom. I'm waiting for a plumber then need to fix this water damage, so I can't come into work today.

76. I can't come into work today, the part I rent to my tenant partially went on fire today, and the fire truck is blocking my driveway.

77. My tenants up/downstairs are having some serious problems with the police. The car has been blocking my driveway for an hour now. I can't leave my house until the police officer leaves. It doesn't look like he/she is moving anytime soon, and my tenants aren't answering the door. For now, I can't come into work.

78. I have a family of racoons and mice living in my walls, I can't come into work today because I'm waiting for animal control to arrive and help me out with this problem.

79. My basement is flooded and I'm waiting for a company to come remove the water, I can't come into work today, I'm sorry.

80. I almost burned down my basement and my landlord isnít too happy about it, there might be a possibility I might not have a place to live, I have to straighten this out with my landlord today!