Fake Funeral or Death Excuses

I am not a fan of using fake deaths and funerals, but they definitely get you the day off. If you use funeral or death excuses, you must keep track of the people you name, or else you may be fired for trying to use a name or person you have mentioned before. If you claim the person that past away is in your family, you are asking for a few days off, even up to a week off. If you just need a day or two, you use someone not so close to the family, that you must only attend the funeral. Remember to tweak the excuse to fit you!

1. I'm not coming into work today I have a family friend's funeral. The viewing is today and the burying is tomorrow so I won't be in tomorrow as well.

2. I can't come into work today, my old friend's funeral is today and I must go and see his/her family.

3. I will not be able to come into work today or for couple of days, my grandfather/grandmother past away, and we are all torn up about the situation and must set up a funeral.

4. I won't be in for a few weeks up to a month, my grandfather/grandmother is very sick and my family is taking a trip to to ________ (far away country) to visit before he/she passes away.

5. My close family friend was caught between gunfire by two gangs down in _______(country,area). He/she was shot and bled to death, I'm attending the funeral today, it's in ______ and I will need __ days off. (1-5)

6. My family and I are morning the death of our family member who past away with a heart attack. He/she is overseas in ________(country) so we are having a gathering for him/her at my home.

7. One of my friends went away to _______ and had a surfing accident and died in the current. I'm going to visit the family because they are very depressed and I have to go show my sympathy. I can't come into work

8. I was stunned by the news of ________'s death(made up person you use to know). I need to drive all the way to __________(faw away city) and visit the family and attend the funeral, I can't come into work today.

9. I'm going to visit an old professor that has leprosy, he is in critical condition and he is the professor that helped me get through school. I need to go see him, before he passes.