Pet or Animal Excuses

We all love our pets to some high extremes. We also know that some animals are dangerous and cause chaos. This section in VAYCUSE focuses on different excuses you can use based on your "pets", or different situations where animals cause a disaster, to get you a lovely day off.

1. I won't be coming into work today, my dog was ran over by a car this morning and I must take the dog to the vet so the vet can help with its 2 broken back legs.

2. I won't be coming into work today, my dogs ran out the front door, Now I'm chasing my dogs throughout the neighbourhood and it just got hit by a car.

3. I can't come into work today my family dog died today after so much time, we are all taking a day to remorse.

4. My dog ran away this morning so me and my family are on the look out, creating reward signs and trying to find our beloved family dog. I can't come into work.

5. I found a family of poisonous lizards living in my green house/in the plants and my kids play out in the back when I'm not home. I can't leave them here ungaurded or they might go into the back and be attacked or biten. I can't come in today.

6. My pets are infested with parasites and I have to treat this issue so it doesn't spread it to mine and family's rooms. I also don't want to spread it to work. I can't come in.

7. I discovered an unknown endangered animal in my backyard/shed and I can't come in because I have to keep watch until animal control gets to my house, and probably questions me about them. I don't know where this thing came from. (get ready to describe a new type of animal - unknown endangered animal)

8. My son brought home a pet flamingo so I have to take it away, unfortunately we cannot keep the flamingo. I'm waiting for animal control.

9. My neighbors brought an elephant into their backyard for a wedding. After a few hours the elephant went crazy and broke threw the fence into my backyard. They tranqulized him immediately after in my backyard. After someone comes to get this elephant out of my backyard I have to fix the fence. I can't come into work.

10. I was taking my dog for a walk this morning, and we encountered a loose elephant from the circus/zoo surrounded by people. I believe the animal control was on their way, but I went up to the elephant with my dog. I guess the elephant and dog didn't like each other, but my dog started barking and the elephant picked up my dog with his tusk and threw him into the bushes. My dog is very hurt, and I'm going to the vet, I can't make it in to work.

11. Bats flew into my house over night and I can't get them out. I'm going to call emergency services or animal control to help me get these bats out of my house. I'm not coming in.

12. A poisonous snake is in my house, because my son/brother accidentally left its tank open. I need to stay with my family on the bed until I find it or we find someone to come try and exterminate the snake. I'm not coming in.

13. A baby racoon fell threw my chimney. I'm waiting for animal control to come and help me get this scared baby racoon out of my house. They are going to be a few hours so I'm not going to be able to come in today. (or 3 or 4 hours late)

14. My dog bit someone while I was walking him/her this morning. The senior that was bit, was heavily bleeding when this happened. I am responsible for my dog so I am taking the senior to the hospital, then home. I don't need my dog to get taken away, and a big lawsuit, I'm trying to help the senior out, so he doesn't press charges. Im cannot make it in today.

15. My dog drowned in my pool this morning, we didn't notice until right now. We are having him a funeral in my backyard, I need a few hours off. (or you could use this as a day excuse)

16. My dog was sprayed by a skunk this morning and I can't leave him/her with this skunk smell throughout the day in my home. I need to stay home and clean him/her, I can't come in.

17. My pet chimp didn't recognize me after my hair cut so it started causing caos in my house. I can't come into work today.

18. I was licked by a poisonous reptile (at the zoo, at the pet store, at a friends house) and I don't know if I'm in danger so I'm going to get it checked out. I'm not coming in.

19. The exotic animal company that came over for a birthday show yesterday ended up losing their poisonous animals and reptiles in my house. Now my family and my pets are in the washroom, and me and the exotic animal company are looking for the poisonous snakes and scorpians in my house. I can't come in.

20. I was sprinting for my loose dog and I fell and sprained my ankle. When I looked up my dog was hit by a car a suudenly died. It's a terrible day and I can't really walk on my ankle. I need today and tomorrow off to recover and ice the bruise. I can't come in.

21. I've come home to realize that I forgot my dog at the park. I need to go get him at the park, I'm going to be late. (when you get to the "park", call your work and tell them your dog is not in sight and your taking the day to look for him.)

22. I left the window open to my room over night, and it seems as if the skunk sprayed inside my room. All my clothes smell like skunk and so do I. I have to stay home and try to clean my self and wash my clothes to get this horrible smell out.

23. I was backing out of my driveway and I didn't realize the dog was laying right underneath the back tire. I accidentally ran over my dog with the tire, my dog is very injured and can't stop crying. I'm going to take it to the vet, I'm sorry, I can't come in.