Running Late Excuses

So you want to be late? Maybe you have something more important to do before hand? That's all possible with so many legitimate late excuses in this category. Remember, if your going to be late, call in and let them know you are going to be late and why. Your more likely to be let off the hook if you call and notify them before hand.

1. I will be late, there is an emergency on my street and I'm blocked in by emergency vehicles.

2. I'm running late, my battery died and I'm waiting for someone to jump start my car.

3. I'm sorry, I will be late today, my brother/child's head is stuck in the staircase.

4. I'm sorry, I am going to be late today, my kids are stuck outside my house without the key, I have to go let them in and then I'll be on my way. I can't leave them outside.

5. I'm going to be late today, I was feeling sick last night, couldn't fall asleep so I took sleeping pills for the first time. I overslept because of the sleeping pills, but I'm coming in.

6. I'm going to be late, when I was leaving my house, the dog escaped all throughout the neighbourhood. I eventually caught him. I'm on my way.

7. I'll be late today, I was driving to work and tried to take a shortcut, turns out it was the wrong direction.

8. I was pulled over by a police officer for a safety check and he/she kept me checking up all my information for _______(10/15/25 minutes) I'm going to be late.

9. I was pulled over for speeding that's why I'm going to be late.

10. I was pulled over by a police officer for having a headlight out, I'm going to be late.

11. I'm going to be late. The police officers pulled me over for my car window tints being to dark.

12. I was driving to work and police pulled me over for having a suspicious car and suspicious driving. I wasn't doing anything wrong but I'm going to be late.

13. I was driving towards work and my friend in the backseat got me pulled over by a police officer for doing stupid things and acting immature.(throwing things out, sticking head out out of car, etc).

14. One that works with many managers without calling in-bring donuts and coffee for everyone.

15. I am Sorry but I will be late today there is a major accident on route to work

16. There is a tortouise in my backyard, I'm waiting for animal control and then be on my way to work.

17. I witnessed someone fall off a roof on the way to work, I'm staying with them until the paramedics/firefighters arrives.

18. I'm going to be late today, I locked my keys in my car and I'm waiting for a tow truck to come and open up my car.

19. I will be late today, I was widthdrawing money from the atm machine and my card is stuck inside with my account information on the screen. I am waiting for someone to come fix the problem.

20. I am coming late today I entered the drive-thru line long before work started and I've been stuck waiting in drive-thru for 35 minutes!

21. I will be late today, I came to get my coffee and the car infront of me ran out of gas in the drive-thru line, now he running to the gas station across the street so he can start up his car and clear the line up.

22. I'm going to be late, I'm driving behind a couple trucks that are moving very slow and leaving no space to pass them.

23. I'm currently at the doctor's office and I have to wait until the appointment is over to leave and come to work.

24. I'm sorry I'm late, bad morning-my alarm clock did not go off and my car did not start.

25. I will be late today, I was almost at work and I realized I forgot my cellphone at home so I just picked it up and I am on my way.

26. I'm sorry for being late, I grabbed 2 different shoes this morning and I turned around so I don't look like a clown at work.

27. I'm sorry for being late today, when I got in my car I ran out of gas while idling my car, now I'm walking to the gas station so I can get gas and drive to work.

28. I'm sorry, I'm going to be late today because my wallet was pick pocketed on/at the bus/store.

29. I'm going to be late today, my childs ______(pet) died and we are having a funeral for the kids.

30. I going to be late today I have a dentist appointment soon and I can't miss it.

31. I have a doctors appointment and I'm going to be late today.

32. My car is stuck in the mud and I can help to wait for the tow truck to come pull me out, I'm going to be late.

33. I ran over a goose/duck because it walked on to the road as I was driving by. It's not dead but I'm waiting for police and animal control to arrive because I don't want to hit and run and I feel bad.

34. There is a farm truck/construction truck in front of me and its going super slow. I can't get around it, I'm going to be light.

35. There is construction and the roads are really backed up. I'm going to be late.

36. There was an accident that I witnessed and I have to wait for the police so I can give a statement.

37. Im going to be late, there was an accident on the route to work and stuck in traffic.

38. I witnessed bloody animal abuse before work and I phoned it in because it was very gory, I'm waiting for police to arrive so I can point out the owner.

39. I witnessed a fight and I called the police because the fight was life threatening so I have to give a unbiast statement

40. I'm going to be late, I left my keys and cellphone in the car, thats why I calling from a random number. Im waiting for a tow truck to arrive so he can open my car, so I can drive to work.

41. I'm going to be late, I was taking a taxi to work and I forgot my wallet at home, when I told the cab driver, he insisted and turned back around to my house. I'll take the taxi back or find a way to work but I'm going to be late.

42. I'm going to be late, its raining to hard where I am coming from, to keep driving so I'm pulling over until I can see where I'm going.

43. I witnessed a roburry at _____(place) and I'm staying here to report this to the police. I'm going to be late.

44. I'm picking up very important papers from my lawyer I'm going to be late.

45. One of my family members parked behind me and locked the keys in their car. I'm waiting for the tow truck to come open up his/her car so I can get out and drive to work.

46. I'm going to be late When I was taking out the garbage the bag broke and now I'm cleaning.

47. I'm going to be late, my wallet fell in the toilet and my card's aren't working so I have no money to get to work so I must go to the bank, and renew all my cards, so I have money to fill up gas and get to work.

48. All my bank cards are frozen, I have no money to get to work. I need to go to the bank to get new bank cards so I can put in gas. I'm going to be a little late.

49. I'm stuck in an elevator as we speak, at __________ (place with elevator), I'm going to be late. I don't know how long it will take to get out.

50. I'm late, I'm sorry I thought today the hour went back, until I flipped on the tv. (day light savings)

51. I'm going to be late. My kids are going to be on the news for a live event done from their school. I'm staying shortly to watch this memorable moment.

52. I witnessed motorcycle accident, and I pulled over as a first responder. Because I had no choice but to wait there with the casualty, until emergency services arrives. I'll be late.

53. I thought today was ________(day off). I'm coming in now just a little late. I'm sorry I will make up for it through my hard work.

54. I need to get an my inhaler refilled before work because I ran out. I'm sorry but I need it due to my daily ashma medications. I'm going quick to get the inhaler refill before I start so I'm going to be a tad late.

55. I slipped and fell into manure as I was leaving my house for work, I have to come back inside and shower then I'm coming in right away. I'll be a bit late.

56. My ______(relative)'s money from the bank was just stolen by a scam artist/theif. He has no money and called me for help. I'm dropping him off some money and coming right into work. I'll be late. (sound rushed)

57. I am being issued a ticket for loitering while drinking coffee around the coffee shop. I don't understand the ticket but I will be late. (Sound upset)

58. Some idiot driver from a garbage bin company, dropped a huge garbage bin off at my house instead of my neighbours house doing renovation. I can't back out and drive to work until the driver comes and picks it up and moves it. I'm going to be late, depending on the time the driver shows up.

59. The route I take for work is super busy so I turned on a side street and tried to take a new route but it took me in the opposite direction, I'm sorry but I'm going to be late.

60. I was poo'd on by many flying seaguls and I feel disguisting. I'm going home to shower and change before I come into work. I'm going to be late. (while driving through the sunroof or walking by a dumpster)

61. Sorry, I'm going to be late. My power went out over night, and my alarm clock reset. When it reset my alarm wasn't on.

62. My car was hit by a bunch of paintballs from a paintball gun when I was driving by a building. I'm pulled over watching the building until they do it again, and waiting for the police to arrive. They damaged my car, I'm going to be late. (sound pissed)

63. I'm going to be late, I was wearing white pants to work and my period started flowing like crazy so I have to go back and change pants. (or I was wearing a skirt and my period was flowing like crazy down my leg and I'm going home to shower and change, call them back and tell them you have a massive blood flow and you have cramps if you want the day off)

64. I'm going to be late construction is slowing down everything, more than usual for this route I'm taking.

65. Someone stole all the fuel from my vehicles overnight, now I'm stuck walking to the gas station, buying fuel and coming back. I'm going to be quite late.

66. I'm going to be late, I ran out gas on the way to work. I called for a tow truck to bring me some fuel to get to the gas station.

67. I put my phone down while tieing my shoe, in line at a ______(coffee shop) and someone stole it. I have no idea who it is, thats why I'm calling from a payphone. I'm going to replace it because I need it for family emergencies and business. I'm going to be late. (Call from a payphone)

68. I lost my phone just now and I need to go replace it because my child/younger brother needs a ride right when I finish work, he calls me from a payphone. I'm goin to be late because I need my cellphone for after work. (call from a payphone)

69. My child/younger cousin put gum in my hair while I was sleeping, I tried to comb it out but I couldn't so, I'm on my way to the hair salon. I'm going to be late. (Get a haircut before work, compliments to this book)

70. I was rushing to work and accidentally passed a school bus with the stop signal on. I was immediately pulled over by the police and I might get a ticket. I'm going to be late.

71. A garbage truck broke down infront of my house so I can't pull out the cars. What are the chances, eh? I'm going to be a few hours late.

72. I can't pull out my cars, with the heavy snow and the snow truck snowed in my driveway. It's going to take me a few hours at least to shovel out the snow. I'm going to be really late, then driving to work with all the snow, is going to be hectic.

73. I hit this elderly lady today, on the way to work. She fell but luckily she's okay and not pressing charges. All she wanted was for me to help he with her grocieries all the way home. I'm going to be late.

74. My was hair was caught in my hair straightener, and I burnt some of my hair off. I have to get extensions today before coming in. I'm going to be late. (tell your employers your embarrased to show wear you burnt it, but wear an extension in your hair, just in case!)

75. Last night a racoon broke into my garbage and it's all over my lawn, I need to clean this mess up before more racoons come. I'm going to be late.

76. I'm going to be really late, I woke up with cough and when I went to the doctor's office, I realized my health card was expired. Now I'm going to renew my health card, then go to the doctor's office for some medication.

77. I'm leaving to _______(country) not too long from now, and I realized my passport is expired. I need to go do renew it so I can travel and leave the country. I'm going to be late.

78. I need to renew my lisence because I forgot was about to it expire a few weeks/months ago, and I didn't even realize until today that it is currently expired. I'm going to renew it, because it is illegal to drive otherwise. I'm going to be late.

79. I was pulled over for a safety check, drinking and driving check, they are currently running my lisence. I'm going to be late.

80. All my shoes are soggy from being drenched last night. I left them outside to air dry but were soaked in the the process. I'm on my way, in socks to buy new shoes. I'll be coming in late after I buy the shoes.

81. I was soaked by a car driving through a puddle. I'm all wet with dirty water all over, my clothes and body. I need to turn around to get changed. I'm going to be late.

82. My private driver is late and it's making me late, I'm sorry I'll be a little late.

83. My boyfriend/girlfriend finished/ejaculated all over my clothes and I need to go home and changed so I'm not embarrased at work. I'm going to be late.

84. I'm coming into work late today, I was taking a dirt road earlier and I got stuck in the mud. I'm waiting for my uncle to come pull me out with his pick up truck, because I can't afford a tow truck, I'm going to be late.

85. I was on public transit and this man was being uncomfortably aggressive to everybody so we are waiting for the police to arrive so they can escort him out and get transportation moving again.